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Matthew Groat

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2006-2008 Professional Electrician Tire Servicer Professional Mechanic
2016-2018 Professional Electrician Tire Servicer Professional Mechanic

Team member

Mattew Groat

Certified Mechanic, in both the Automotive and Heavy Equipment fields. Adam completed post secondary training at both the Automotive Training Center and the General Motors Apprenticeship Program at BCIT. Adam has 16+ years of experience as a Mechanic, and has been the General Manager/President of Mobil 1 Lube Express – Langley since its inception in 2011. Adam is committed to a high quality of service within our organization.

Area of practice

✓ Installers and contractors

✓ Domestic ventilation

✓ Ventilation systems

✓ Heat recovery


Office Location #405, Lan Streen, Los Vegas, USA
Contact Email: joanne@yourdomin.com